Saturday 3 May 2014

Brent Council prepared to act to ensure safety at Michaela Academy Free School

Responding to the story below about Brent Teachers' Panel's fears for the safety of childrren and staff over asbestos  at the Wembley Park Michaela Academy Free School, lead member for Childrren and Families, Cllr Michael Pavey has made the following statement:
Children must be absolutely safe in school. I look forward to the Michaela School clarifying these concerning points raised by local teachers. 

The Council has already supplied the Trade Unions with a full briefing on this important matter and we are very prepared to take further action if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Typical nanny-state red tape bureaucratic restrictions trying to obstruct Ms Birbalsingh's passionate entrepreneurial bid to drive up educational achievement to 'private standard' among the children of Brent's 'professional type of people'.
I bet they don't have these kind of pettifogging restrictions in Singapore and Malaysia. It's health and safety gone mad!

Anne Clarke said...

Well done for bringing these very real concerns about the welfare of staff and students to the attention of the council and Michaela School. Child welfare should never be sacrificed and it should be a top priority for Michaela School and the DfE.

Toby Chambers said...

Surprised Councillor Pavey has not acted sooner.

The asbestos issue has been known about for well over a year, since Michaela school secured the building.

What has Pavey been doing all this time as he should have written to Michaela school months ago.

Just shows it is only public pressure Councillors do something. Councillors should not need public pressure to act.

It is a Pity Councillor Pavey does not call for a Judicial Review over Copland, as he should, to protect the interests of Brent young people particularly the most vulnerable and not just the interests of Ark Academy.

Toby Chambers
Sudbury Independent Candidate

Jenny Cooper said...

try telling that to teachers dying of mesothelioma....