Wednesday 5 October 2016

Chance to care for the Welsh Harp, including canoeing for litter!

Readers asked for early warning of the next Conservation Day at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre, so here it is.

Billy Coburn, Thames21 Development Officer, writes:

The next Welsh Harp event is going to be taking place on Sunday 23rd October starting at the usual time of 10am. Please see the attached poster and here is a link to details for the event,  People seem to like the format of:

10-12: Complete and activity;
12-12:45: Have some lunch;
12:45-2pm: Finish the task at hand;

So we are going to keep that format.

We will form another glade as part of the woodland management plan, cut some of the wild meadow or remove some of the blackthorn which is trying to find a home in the meadow grass and needs to be removed. I will send another email the week leading up to the 23rd to confirm after my site visit.

The footpath clearing group
 What happened at the last event

At the last event we cut back the vegetation around Birchen Grove leading up to the education centre. Thames21 led education sessions AM and PM for the whole week after the last event  leading to approximately 300 children using the education centre that week. They could use the path rather than the road as access because of you. We also undertook a number of other smaller tasks. Great work everyone!

Sunday November 20th Canoe clean up on the Welsh Harp.

For the November volunteering event, we are hopefully going to be completing something a little different. As you may know, many canoe and sailing clubs use the Welsh Harp. A lot of litter gets stuck in the environmentally important reed beds and we are going to be canoeing to those locations and removing rubbish from the boats. It does not matter if you have canoed before so if you would like the chance to paddle for free, do some good for the environment and see the beauty of the Welsh Harp from a different perspective, please do give me an email to register your interest. Full details will be released when we have them. We will also have some land based activities as well to cater for everyone if you do not wish to canoe on the day.

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M V said...

Thanks Martin. Hope to be there. Am likely to be a late arrival(unless I can beg a night on someone's couch)but will put in some action.