Wednesday 26 October 2016

Brent Cabinet decision on North West London STP published

This is the official decision notice about the NW London Sustainability and Transformation Plan following Monday's Cabinet discussion LINK:
Cabinet noted the STP submission for North West London.

1.    Cabinet welcomed the principles adopted within the STP of prevention, out of hospital care, dealing with the social care funding gap and the need to work across the public sector to maximise benefits from changes to the NHS and other public sector estate.

2    Cabinet noted that the STP will need formal sign off by the end of December and that between October and December the following issues need to be clarified both within the submission and through other NHS processes, in order for the council to give full support for the plan:

a.    That the IMBC (Implementation Business Case) on which delivery area 5 is based is released, debated and understood;
b.    That the flow of monies from acute to out of hospital settings are clarified;
c.    That the specification for out of hospital settings, in particular social care, are clarified based on an agreed model of out of hospital care;
d.    That a full risk assessment for the plan and relevant mitigations are included.

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