Tuesday 25 October 2016

Sparks fly over transfer of Roundwood Park firework display to Wembley

The ending of the annual Fireworks Display at Roundwood Park in Willesden/Harlesden has been met with anger by some residents in the south of the borough who see it as yet another example of 'Wembleyfication' - the dominance of Wembley as the regeneration and adminstrative heart of the borough, sucking resources from elsewhere in the borough. 

Certainly a move from a spacious park to the limited paved area of Arena Square (see diagram) has its drawback but in a statement Brent Council claim that sponsorship by Quintain, the US  owned developer of the area around the stadium and Wembley Park Ltd, is the only thing that has saved a borough firework display:
Due to ongoing cuts to local budgets by the government, we're working hard to keep delivering for our residents. This has been particularly felt in the budget for holding local events like our annual fireworks display in Roundwood Park.

We know that the fireworks display is an extremely popular event with residents as well as visitors from across North West London.

That’s why – working closely with Quintain and Wembley Park – we have been able to ensure that the fireworks display will go ahead at a new venue in Wembley.

The sponsorship of the event means that we can continue to host this fantastic annual event in Brent completely FREE to residents. Excellent transport links mean that residents from across Brent will be able to take part this year – we hope you can join us!
There will be performances around the square and at the Civic Centre from early afternoon and the fireworks themselves will be lit at  approximately 6.30pm on November 6th.


Jaine Lunn said...

Rather than keep the very popular Fireworks Event at Roundwood Park, and charge residents a small fee of £5, children under 10 Free like most other London Borough's including Harrow, Haringay, Barnet the list is endless. Wembley NoPark Arena Square are hosting the event for Free courtesy of Quintain Developers, who no doubt will be celebrating how little it cost them to stage the event whilst the ££S will be rolling in for their concessions and restaurants in the LDO who will be providing the food and drinks at grossly inflated prices to the captive audience. So it will be an expensive night out for many families. Seriously though who holds a Firework Display in a built up area? next to a shopping mall. I hope the Fire Brigade are being paid a good rate to ensure we will be safe, and the anti-terrorist squad will be on alert for all that gun-powder being set off in close proximity to Wembley Stadium. I do hope most residents have the sense to boycott or at least pay to go to a proper organised display elsewhere. See Time Out for all the Firework Displays being held in the capital.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Quintain is well and truly ruling the roost where Brent Council is concerned. Maybe the Borough of Brent should be renamed the Borough of Quintain!!

Anonymous said...

I agree but BENT COUNCIL is more apt

Anonymous said...