Saturday 15 October 2016

Wembley Green Car Park pre-application proposals to be presented at Planning Committee

The Brent Planning Committee on October 19th (7pm at the Civic Centre) will be given a Presentation by Quintain on one of the biggest sites  in the Wembley Masterplan.  This is a pre-planning application so most of the information will only be divulged that evening. No plans are published in advance.

Given the controversy over recent developments at the stadium and elsewhere in Wembley this is an opportunity for residents to get a glimpse of what is in store. This is a large housing development with blocks of flats up to 26 storeys.

This is what is published on the Committee Agenda:

Green Car Park, First Way, Wembley

The Reserved Matters for the development of Plot E03 pursuant to outline planning application reference 15/5550 (the Quintain Masterplan).

Proposed construction of 1 to 26 storey building to provide 743 flats (397

 private rent and 346 discount market rent), 490 square metres of communtiy
or employment floorspace Use Class D1 / B1), 91 coach parking spaces for Wembley Stadium events, energy centre for outline consent area and associated external amenity space, cycle storage, hard and soft landscaping and accesses to the highway



1.     This part of the agenda is for the committee to receive presentations on proposed developments, particularly when they are at the pre-application stage. 

2.     Although the reports are set out in a particular order on the agenda, the Chair may reorder the agenda on the night. Therefore, if you wish to be present for a particular application, you need to be at the meeting from the beginning. 

3.     The following information and advice only applies to reports in this part of the agenda. 

Advice to Members

4.     These proposed developments are being reported to committee to enable Members of the committee to view them at an early stage and to comment upon them. They do not constitute applications for planning permission at this stage (unless otherwise stated in the individual report) and any comments made are provisional and subject to full consideration of any subsequent application and the comments received as a result of consultation, publicity and notification. 

5.     Members of the committee will need to pay careful attention to the probity rules around predisposition, predetermination and bias (set out in the Council’s Constitution). Failure to do so may mean that the Councillor will not be able to participate in the meeting when any subsequent application is considered. 

Further information

6.  Members are informed that any relevant material received since the publication of this part of the agenda, concerning items on it, will be reported to the Committee in the Supplementary Report.

Public speaking

7.  The Council’s Constitution only provides for public speaking rights for those applications being reported to Committee in the “Applications for Decision” part of the agenda. Therefore reports on this part of the agenda do not attract public speaking rights.


Anonymous said...

Has Greg Dyke of the Football Association been invited?

Alan Wheatley

Martin Francis said...

I'll check.

Anonymous said...

Placard wording ideas:




And that's just a start!

Alan Wheatley

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

In LB Camden, 'developers' Essential Living got a 24-storey block at 100 Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage approved by the Housing Minister, trumping local democracy. The tower nobody wanted? Government backs Swiss Cottage skyscraper

Might it not be possible for the Football Association and even Federation of International Football Associations to ask the UK Sports Minister to overrule Quintain's plans to allow Quintain's congestion-of-overcrowding-per-square-metre-unpoliced greed to 'kettle' events at this national and international stadium?

Perhaps other countries' football associations might see a 'business opening' for them in Wembley Stadium becoming unattractive? Perhaps they might also identify a common interest in challenging the might of global property investors?

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Sorry, it was the Local Government Secretary, not Housing Minister, that overruled local democracy in the matter of 100 Avenue Road tower block. The tower nobody wanted? Government backs Swiss Cottage skyscraper