Sunday 9 October 2016

Colourful cavalcade of determined anti-fascists commemorate Cable Street's 80th anniversary

The post-Brexit rise in xenophobia amongst politicians, in the mass media and on the street. brought out a great crowd of Londoners today in all their diversity to commemorate the  Cable Street anniversary. 80 years ago Oswald Mosley's fascists were prevented from marching through East London's streets by another diverse group of Londoners. the demography may have changed but the determination remains the same.
No to Divide and Rule

They shall NEVER pass


DON'T dis US said...

well done caroline russell, suurrey green greens and martin for representing the greens

Martin Francis said...

There were some from Islington and Southwark there also and deputy leader Amelia Womack spoke. (I missed her). Young Greens were meeting in Exeter this weekend. Still, we need to get better organised for demos here in London.

Unknown said...

for those interested in finding out more about Cable Street a very good site is from Hope Not Hate