Tuesday 11 October 2016

LET THEM IN! Bring suitcases and travel bags to Liverpool Street station 6pm Friday

From Brent Stop the War

Shamim Rahman from Amnesty International LINK  nd Lucy Cox, a local teacher LINK,   spoke to our meeting last night about War and Refugees.

More information HERE:   https://www.amnesty.org.uk/issues/Refugees%2C-migrants-and-asylum

We agreed to support this initiative on Friday: 

Support Lord Alf Dubbs' campaign call to support his amendment to demand refugee children in Calais be allowed into the UK! They are about to bulldoze the camp!

Bring suitcases and travel bags for protest / photo event this Friday, 14 October, 6pm, at the Kindertransport statue, Broad Street exit, outside Liverpool Station.

Alf Dubbs' was one of 10,000 Jewish Kindertransport children who came to UK in 1938-9 as a result of pressure campaigners put on the government. Lives saved then. Let's do it now.


#standuptoracism #stopracism2016 #letthechildrenin


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