Wednesday 11 January 2017

Brent CCG takes another step towards endorsing STP this afternoon after Brent Council gives its approval to strategy

Brent Clinical Commissioning Group is set to move forward on the the controversial Sustainability and Transformation Plan this afternoon at a meeting starting at 2pm at the Chaplin Road Centre.

The public can attend. Tickets HERE

The Governing Body will receive this statement from the Brent Health and Wellbeing Board:
Statement from the Brent Health and Wellbeing Board

The Brent Health and Wellbeing Board supports the priorities set out in Brent CCG’s Commissioning Intentions 2016/17 especially their linkages with the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and their ability to address the real health needs of Brent residents. The Board will support the CCG in ensuring the delivery of these priorities results in high standards of care and enhanced access and that integrated care offers the best possible outcomes for Brent. 

Cllr Krupesh Hirani, Chair of Brent Health and Wellbeing Board
Meanwile, perhaps rather late in the day, Brent Central Constituency Labour Party is holding the following meeting:

The Future of Local NHS Services

Dear Brent Central Labour Party member,

Happy new Year!

You are invited to attend our first Brent Central Labour Party General Committee meeting of 2017.

All members are encouraged to attend, although only delegates to the General Committee will be entitled to vote. 

Date:   Thursday 19th January
Time:   7.30 - 9.30pm
Venue: Christchurch Nursery, St Albans Road, Harlesden NW10 8UG


Martin Francis said...

A reader commented: If I understand it correctly, the meeting on the 11th Jan. will endorse the 'go ahead of the report dated 21/10/16'. Then the other 7 councils also have to agree with Brent and then be submitted to the NHS followed by the government to give the final approval. So far there is nothing published from The Treasury approving the £140M that the CCG's need for 'capital costs' for making the changes required to implement the ST Plan at Willesden & across the other 8 sites. But to confuse me they have now said they intend to build a 'new' HUB in North Harrow (BELMONT).

Martin Francis said...

A further comment: Damian Green(DWP) speaking on today's Daily Politics show (BBC 2) said no STP's are going ahead as they are only at a consultation stage. He said when their local populations have had a chance to debate and consult on them, only then will they go back to their CCG's to make a final decision on them

This seems to contradict today's story in WM and I wonder why Brent Labour are in such a hurry to get this passed, as it seems the gov are not in such a hurry.

Will Ms May regret her words over the NHS in which she replied "there are only a small number of local incidents".

Anonymous said...

Hirani is the least impressive politician I have encountered at any level. A weak communicator with no ideas or presence, he'd struggle to get onto most primary school councils.

Anonymous said...

But Cllr Butt is happy in his company.