Tuesday 31 January 2017

Dawn Butler's Article 50 residents' meeting tonight in Wembley Park - will she follow Tulip?

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central, is holding a meeting this evening on Article 50 at a restaurant and bar venue in a retail park near Wembley Stadium. The event is now fully booked.

On her Facebook she states:
I will be hosting a residents meeting on the Article 50 vote this evening. We are now at full capacity.
However to ensure I engage with as many residents as possible I will be livestreaming the meeting on this page from 8pm tonight. Do tune in, I will also be answering questions taken from the stream.
Her Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/DawnButlerBrent

Butler's colleague, Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn) has resigned from the Labour front bench over the Labour three line whip on the issue.

What will Dawn do?

In a message Butler blamed the high cost of hiring meeting rooms at Brent Civic Centre for not holding this 'incredibly important' meeting at a larger venue.

If this is the case where does that leave any resident who wants to hire space?


Anonymous said...

She'll probably follow Tulip, but she ought to follow Barry's lead. Dawn voted for the refernedum. One referendum. Not 650 micro-referenda. There was one result. We should respect it.

Alison Hopkins said...

The cost of hiring rooms was raised with Brent when I was Finance chair. It's so high that it means all the wedding busines has been lost now.

Anonymous said...

1.We had an election in 1979. There was one result. We respected it. But if we'd 'respected it' in the sense you imply, we would never have had an election again.
2. As any fule no, the referendum was advisory. Given it's obvious consequences (becoming more obvious with every day of Trump's presidency) any responsible government would have taken no notice of the advice.

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Tough call for all things to all people Dawn Butler. Either way, her career is shot & pretending to save money by claiming poverty on the civic centre is the most laughable aspect.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that she chose to host it in Moore Spice instead: the restaurant which was closed down by Brent because of a cockroach infestation - but which miraculously reopened following the personal intervention of Cllr Butt

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that after a nuclear war the only creatures to survive will be Cllr Butts ..........

Alison Hopkins said...

Michael Calderbank, if you're going to post anonymously, it's best not to use the same phrase you used on Twitter. Namely, 650 micro-referenda.

Moore Spice is entwined with Butt's mafiosi. Like much else.