Saturday 29 April 2017

Council bid to turn garages into homes

The site in King's Drive, Wembley
Brent Housing Partnership is to hold a Public Exhibition on the King's Drive Estate, Wembley on proposals to build bungalows on the site of garages just off King's Drive.  The proposal is similar to the one at John Perrin's Place LINK and a consequence of Brent Council seeking sites in the borough to build much needed affordable housing.

Parking is a problem on the estate and although the garages are under-used  the access road is used for car parking by people who live in the blocks of flats.

The Exhibition will be held at the Robert Hartley Centre on Tuesday 9th May from 4.30pm - 7.30pm. NOW POSTPONED DUE TO THE GENERAL ELECTION

Declaration of interest: I live on this estate


Unknown said...

Here we go again, garages into Bungalows, for Hobbits or Munchkins I presume, and they complain about beds in sheds.
It never ceases to amaze.

Alison Hopkins said...

The issue is one word: AFFORDABLE.

They aren't. They need to be at SOCIAL rents.

BHP are doing this all over the place, sometimes in locations where it simply doesn't work for existing residents. Building more is laudable, but why don't they properly audit their own properties, too? I've reported sub letting and empty BHP houses. Nothing done.

Anonymous said...

There just seems to be no end to it does there?
When there is so much new development going on nearby why couldn't there be some insistence that there be a provision of this type there.....but oh no that would hit the developer's profits....and we now see how the public have the wool pulled over their eyes.

Unknown said...

on your side girlfriend. it don't make no sense. We have to help the residents. As always going to be another battle, but very close to home as Martin is at the space and has been for a long time.

asine said...

The site in King's Drive Pic car placed openly it will may be weather damages occures.