Monday 3 April 2017

A great eating place in Chalkhill, Wembley

A few years ago such a claim would have been met with disbelief but the Lounge Cafe at Chalkhill Community Centre has joined the amazing new Chalkhill Park (oposite the cafe),  the popular and high-achieving Chalkhill Primary School and the diverse local community in challenging the negative stereotypes that used to be attached to the Chalkhill Estate.

Maria Kuehen, Director of the Lounge Cafe says:
This is a second cafe, the first being in Kilburn which has received a Good Food Award (out of half a million food businesses we were one of 160 to achieve this) and also The Time Out Best Cafe 2105. 

Our philosophy is simple. We prepare everything on a daily basis. We make all our soups and specials, have an eclectic breakfast and brunch menu and have an 'ask and we will do our best' policy. 

My food blog has 500 entries which include local restaurant reviews and hundreds of recipes. 

I have also started my programme "Walk, Talk, Fork' at the cafe, aimed at individuals who want to better their health through exercise and healthy cooking lessons. 

People are welcome to book the cafe for an event, a lunch or dinner party as well and we also cater for take out food.
The Cafe is rapidly building a reputation beyond Wembley but retains its community feeling. A recent reviewer on Trip Advisor said LINK:
Of course, it's the first place you'd think of to go and have a good breakfast, not! I mean, c'mon, it's a café in a Community Health Centre. Who wants to eat in those sort of places? Well, put your pre-conceived ideas aside and check it out. Heard of hidden gems? Read on..

Light and airy space with fresh flowers on the table. Good menu choice and reasonably priced. Service was warm, welcoming and attentive. We had breakfast; smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast for my partner and for me, breakfast burrito. Both delicious.

After settling our bill, and the owner realising we weren't locals, she took great interest in to what our plans were and also gave us a number of her personal recommendations as to where to eat in Central London. That's engaging.

We left very satisfied and what a lovely start to the day.
Visited March 2017
Here is the menu but remember the 'ask and we will do our best' policy:

Lounge Cafe, Chalkhill Community Centre, 113 Chalkhill Road, HA9 9FX  Tel:  07790 506609

Nearest station Wembley Park (Met and Jubilee) 83, 182, 206, 297 buses alight at station or 245 alight at ASDA.


Unknown said...

Very little vegan....hummus is cheap, quick to prepare, and liked by almost everyone and goes with other stuff...Also smoked tofu....

bigbreadeaterellis said...

I have actually been attending the 'walk ,talk,fork programme and today is the final day.
I recommend it for people who live near to the welford center, and are able to spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon between 4-6pm.
the current group consists of around 6 people of different age groups and gender
and Maria is the head chef, and she organizes the group who all share in making low calorie, highly nutritious,often delicious meals.
The group members tend to go for a walk along chalk hill road, and occasionally do some stretching exercises Which I personally found to be good for relieving stress and tension in my body.
We finish by walking back to the welford center where we begin by eating Delicious fruit (in small portions)
and we briefly discuss what we will cook, and then we get down to it, sit down and eat what we have helped to make
and go home!
joining the programme has helped me to think more about what I buy and eat.
And it has also inspired me to make things myself that I would normally buy from the supermarkets.
And though Ive always been a walker,
joining walk,talk,fork, has made me realize that walking with other people can be rather enjoyable
and so I am looking forward to attending for the last time later
and I would recommend it to anyone who has time to spare,and would like to meet new people,walk and do some light exercise together and learn new ways of cooking healthy nutritious food!