Monday 3 April 2017

Wembley Lycee restores memorial gardens

The Lycee Internnational de Londres LINK which now occupies the former Brent (and previously to that Wembley) Town Hall had been criticised by locals for the neglect of the former municipal gardens in front of the building LINK but now seem to have taken action.  The gardens include a number of memorial trees, some to former councillors and others to major world events. Memorials to the latter have been incorporated into the formal garden next to Brent Civic Centre.

Although  the planting of privet around the perimer of the gardens and the restoration of flower beds to grass may have been done by professional gardeners some of the planting appears to have been done by Lycee students.  Their action is a welcome recognition of local sensitivities.

The Holocaust

Abolition of Slave Trade
40 years of Peace in Europe

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very nice, and can now be seen by all.