Saturday 22 April 2017

Brent Council patches up after crack up

Former councillor Paul Lorber, now apparently prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for Brent North, drew attention recently to the  deteriorating state of the expensive paved road outside Brent Civic Centre in a letter to Carolyn Downs, Brent Council's CEO. See Brent Civic Centre 'vanity road' cracks up

Close up of damage

He asked why the road had not been tarmac as the Council had stipulated for footways in the borough despite repairs, via replacement of paving stones, being a more sustainable and aesthetic strategy.

The answer to his question is now visible outside the Civic Centre.


Unknown said...

What an eyesore, what a mess, looks horrendous. Is this temporary patch or will it stay like this?

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is it looks as if it's a right damned mess. Perhaps someone somewhere is trying not to admit it wasn't up to the standard required for the type of traffic which is using it.

Scott said...

Labour running Brent Council is like a Carry on Film.
However, its not funny as they're spending our money.

Anonymous said...

I do so agree Scott.
One of the things behind this no doubt is the system of cabinet members being given so much power although most have no expertise in the field for which they are given so much power. It's bound to produce disasters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brent Council is going to create an area similar to Hollywood so that our esteemed and well respected Councillors can place their handprints in the newly surfaced areas for future prosperity. Let's just hope they do so before a Quintain truck passes over them and imprints their whole body.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this mess is the result of Councillors allowing the Borough being run by Officers without properly challenging their advice. Why for example did the Civic Centre need to use expensive materials and simply not use tarmac used on other roads in Brent. The tragedy is that so much has been wasted on this short stretch of road that the money has run out to carry out much more needed repairs elsewhere. A similar thing happened recently in relation to the Barham Park Outdoor Gym. Local residents, with local knowledge, pointed out a better location for the gym. The residents were ignored and the Labour Councillors agreed with officers and put the Gym in an area which floods when it rains. The Council already spent £15,000 extra on a path and fencing and now talks of £60,000 of drainage works. Much of this could have been avoided if the Labour Councillors listened to local residents - who are more experienced than the officers - in the first place. Anyway - will lessons be learnt? Paul Lorber