Sunday 23 April 2017

Thousands of French Londoners queue to vote for their new president in Wembley

Wembley Park was pretty busy today with fans arriving for the Arsenal v Manchester City match converging with thousands of French Londoners arriving at the Lycee International de  Londres Winston Churchill to vote in the first round of the presidential election.

London has been variously descibed as the 5th or 6th largest French city outside France. One could not help wondering about the future of these families in London post Brexit.

The queue to vote stretched all around the streets surrounding the Lycee, formerly Brent Town Hall, and voters mingled with bemused locals waiting for buses outside the school.

No campaigning is allowed on voting day so it was not possible to gauge levels of support but the queue was calm and quiet, some chatting, others textings and quite a few deep in a book as they shuffled along.  Security appeared to be low key but effective after recent events.

Pupils of the Lycee had a busy trade in cakes at their stall in the school car park.

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Sandro said...

I went out of the house to see where all these people were coming from & going to. I soon heard French all over the area being spoken & I quickly realised they were going to vote at The Lycee. It was a pleasure to be 'invaded' by such lovely, well mannered educated families going to do their duty unlike the 'invasion' of the ill mannered loutish & yobbish behaviour of certain football fans over the course of Saturday & Sunday all around our area!