Thursday, 28 January 2021

Brent Council gives residents 2 weeks to comment on the impact of anticipated developments in their local area


Extracts from the survey


 Brent Council has written to Brent residents' associations notifying them of a 2 week survey being carried out 'around' the relaunch of the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) expected to be in late February.

They want to gather information from the survey and the application process focus groups that were held following th Black Community Action Plan and the NCIL report agreed at Cabinet on September 20th.

There are details (sparse) of the expected housing developments in each area (see  the survey LINKS as illustrated above in  2.)

They say:

We would like grass roots comments on the impacts of anticipated developments in each neighbourhood and only require the relevant neighbourhood completed. We have included a  brief summary of anticipated development in each area as the brief indicates at the beginning. We would be grateful if you could complete yourselves and also pass on to any interested parties.


We are also emailing the neighbourhood and town centre managers, Brent Connects members and  ward Cllrs. 


Ideally, we would like you to do online by clicking on this link 


NCIL Impact of Development Survey


If this is not possible, please complete the relevant neighbourhood on the attached form and email back to  by Sunday 7thFebruary 2021 to


Please feel free to circulate to your members.


This is very short-notice for a very short consultation period but I am sure that many residents who are not members of a residents' association would count themselves as  'interested parties' and I urge you to take part.

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Pete Firmin said...

As ever, when Brent says it has written to residents associations, this is economical with the verite. Our tenants and residents association in South Kilburn, despite being registered with Brent Council, never gets notifications of consultations. If we're luck we find out about them through sources such as Wembley matters. Particularly galling when it is consultations over the future of Kilburn and Queen Park residents Association is consulted, but not us.