Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Brent Climate Emergency Strategy - Zoom meeting for residents with a disability, January 13th 5-6.30pm

 From Brent Council Climate Emergency Strategy Team

 Brent Council is holding a virtual workshop to discuss its draft Climate Emergency Strategy. This event is being held specifically for residents with a disability, their carer(s) or a representative from an organisation that supports people with disabilities and/or carers. Below is the invitation to the workshop, which has also been sent out via the Disability Forum. Please send this on to anyone you feel may wish to attend:

Brent Council is working on a plan to tackle climate change in Brent. Climate change is happening because the planet is being damaged. This plan will be called the ‘Climate Emergency Strategy’.

Brent Council are currently asking all residents what they think of the plan. Brent Council also want to ask if anyone has any ideas about what else the council could do about climate change. This draft plan is being put into easy read.

Brent Council has arranged a Zoom meeting to discuss the draft plan. This meeting will be called a workshop. It will take place on:

Wednesday 13th January 5pm – 6.30pm on Zoom.

The easy read plan and a Zoom link to the meeting will be sent around before the workshop for those that would like to attend.

Please send an email to if you would like to receive the easy read plan and attend the Zoom workshop. 

Also if you would like to join the Brent Climate Emergency Planning Group and get involved in shaping Brent's approach to the Climate Emergency, you can sign up here:

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