Thursday, 7 October 2021

Willesden author reaches out across the generations with a new children's book featuring a London child's fight for her grandparents' farm


A Willesden author, Odette Elliott, is reaching out across the generations in her latest book Abigay's Farm, which reflects modern family life and age-old principles of standing up for what you value.

Odette who is 82 says:

I live in Willesden. I was living in Primrose Hill when my picture books and others were published but have now lived in Willesden for 29 years.  

I would like to tell local children about my children’s novel and it would be great if somehow I could get some publicity in our area. I am having a book launch at Belsize Community Library in November and it would be wonderful if I could have a similar event at one of Brent's community libraries.
 The book is being self-published - actually “assisted” self-publishing, even though I have had 8 books traditionally published - see my website.
Abigay, the heroine, lives in London with her twin brother and parents, but regularly visits her grandparents in Herefordshire.  When she discovers to her horror that the farm may have to be sold, she is desperate to find a plan to save the farm.  She has had experience of being taken to a local London City Farm when in primary school and this gives her an idea.


If  any Brent Community Library would like to contact Odette go to

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Steph said...

As someone who has gotten a sneak peek of Abigay's Farm, I can say that it's a refreshingly unique story that will keep children turning pages. I can't wait to get a copy for my 9yo!