Monday, 2 September 2013

Aussie Greens could 'Abbott proof' Australia's future - Natalie Bennett

As voting for expatriate Australians and visitors continued at Australia House in London, the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales offered her best wishes to the Australian Greens in the election that will be held on Saturday.

Natalie Bennett said: “I’ve been hearing good reports about the turnout of Greens voters on the Strand.

“The Australian Greens are offering a vision for the future of a more humane, equal and sustainable country. Their offerings particularly on community energy, with a strong anti-poverty benefits with a focus on
decent welfare,  and on decent treatment for asylum-seekers are beacons.

“The Senate vote is going to be particularly important, with a vote for the Greens offering the chance to ‘Abbott-proof’Australia’s future, with the power of the proportional vote ensuring that the views of a wide range of Australians are represented. [Natalie was referring to the economically environmentally disastrous policies promoted by conservative lead and election favourite Tony Abbott.]

“Lower house MP Adam Bandt has been a strong force since he was elected shortly after Britain’s first Green MP Caroline Lucas, and I hope that he’ll not only keep his seat in Melbourne, but be joined by other Green MPs.

“As a former resident of inner Sydney, I have followed the campaign of Hall Greenland for Grayndler with particular interest, and I wish him, and all of the Greens candidates, the best of luck in the coming days.”

Note: Voting continues at the Strand, and at Australian embassies and consulates around the world, until Friday.


Trevor said...

Yes save Lives so that those Lives can be Destroyed by Smoking and that way The Politicians currently playing The Love our Neighbors card
can rake in billions in tax revenue from the sale of Cigarettes!
When Will Politicians stop trying to mislead people?
the public would be safer in the hands of polars bears than politicians.
save Lives?
Pigs will fly First Mate.

Trevor said...

you don't Start a campaign regarding the saving of Lives when the country those people would Live in Thrives on the destruction of Lives by means of The Sale Of Cigarettes Which is the Biggest cause of Preventable Deaths in this country.
That does not paint a warm welcoming safe and civilized picture.
remove the cigarettes from the shop shelves, stop fighting wars in other countries, stop profiting from the sale of arms, then you can start talking about saving lives.
cause when you stop doing all the above that is clear evidence that you are at last putting principle before profit.
but the fact is this government will never stop putting profit before principle and therefore the above will continue and lives will never be safe not while we continue being governed by wicked hypocrites.