Monday, 23 September 2013

Park Royal fire reignites Harlesden's safety concerns

The bio-chemical fire earlier today at Midland Road, Park Royal, highlights residents' concerns about the issue of air quality in the area and the dangers posed by some of the local industrial facilities. The  Kilburn Times report is HERE  As the heavy smoke spread across parts of Ealing and Harlesden and residents were told to close their windows, questions were again being asked about the safety of plans for an incinerator in the Harlesden area. Ealing Council are due to consider the planning application again after postponing a decision in the summer. The plans have been opposed by Brent Council.

The photographs of the scene (below) were contributed by a local resident:

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Trevor said...

I Looked out of the Kitchen window and saw Thick smoke rising up into the air and wondered what was going on?
I suspected it was due to a fire but wasn't sure until I heard a news report on the radio a little later about a fire in acton.
By Coincidence I was in acton later but didn't notice any sign's of distress in the people in that area.
but I think that the local council should Make sure their decision does not put public health at risk.
it's distressing enough growing up in a country and society in which Public Health is Daily damaged for the sake of the economy.