Friday, 6 September 2013

Labour Councillor refuses to be a 'compliant cipher' over academisation

It is gratifying to find a local Labour councillor prepared to take a stand against academisation - even if that councillor is in Blackpool and not Brent!

Councillor Martin Mitchell said:
I have resigned from the board of governors of Collegiate High School in protest at the academisation of the school which is joining with Bispham High.

Earlier this year Government inspectors’ declaration of Bispham High as “failing” was widely described as politically motivated and a distortion of reality. Bispham High’s recently reported best ever exam results show that description to be totally accurate.

My time at Collegiate has been dominated by the academy issue.

Control has now been handed to a group without democratic standing which will decide which of the governors will remain.

I am not and do not wish to be a compliant cipher for a group without support in the local community. I believe public education should be kept in public hands and encourage others who think the same to speak up at every opportunity.

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