Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Local authorities must be permitted to build new schools to provide extra places

Today's publicity about the shortage of primary school places once again underlines the sheer stupidity of the Government's policy. Michael Gove's obsession with his ideological free school and academies policy means that local authorities are not allowed to build new schools. Instead they have to rely on free school providers or academy sponsors moving into their area or expansion of schools which are often already on crowded sites.

Labour should have been  campaigning vigorously for LAs to be given the finance and right to build new schools where there is a shortage of primary places. Unfortunately Stephen Twigg's lack of drive and his ambivalent attitude towards free schools has meant that the case has not been powerfully made.

Local authorities have the local knowledge to plan new schools where they are most needed and the expertise and resources to ensure that such schools are fit for purpose, have access to school support services and are professionally staffed so that they hit the ground running.  Free schools, even if they happen to be provided in areas of shortage (and many are not), do not have these guarantees.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide education and parents have a legal duty to ensure that their children attend school. Gove's policy, despite all his protestations, is actually thwarting both and in the process damaging children.


Trevor said...

Most of us would express surprise when we have a dog bark or a cat miaow because we know that it is the nature of the animal(s)
Well Likewise we should not expect anything but stupidity from MP'S
because it is in their nature to be reckless and Wicked.
and they have shown that countless Times in what they have done
and so you can be certain that they will continue being Reckless in the decisions they make.
I mean again take the decision to permit smoking...that was far from a wise decision!
but they have decided it is a decision that will remain no matter what
and so you can be sure that just as the decisions made regarding schools have a bad affect on kids and they push ahead with their ideas regardless
likewise no matter how many people abuse themselves with tobacco and end up dying from lung and throat cancer, that won't have any affect on the government you be absolutely sure of that.
also any government that sees it as right to teach kids that humans evolved from apes even though that is not true and of no benefit to children or adults
that speaks volumes about the people at the wheel of government.
this is why again i say i feel really sorry for the public...because they have been treated really bad and that ill treatment will continue
because also there is no justice in this country.
it's just merely a word and something people dream of but never see in their life time.

Trevor said...

Martin you wrote about children being damaged by decisions made by a minister in the government.
sadly I think that is to be expected
after all don't forget that the government are the ones that made the decision to legalize smoking which has damaged many a people that were one healthy yet extremely vulnerable children.
the government made that decision because they put profit before principle.
yes martin money is what is important to the government
and we are just here to be manipulated and exploited in return for profit.
so don't be surprised when you find out that a Minister has made a major decision that will result in children being damaged in terms of education.
you can be certain that cost cutting is the major factor in his decision.