Friday, 20 September 2013

Brent Beats with Simon Mole on Thursday at Wembley Library

In association with Spread the Word, spoken word poet and MC Simon Mole leads this taster workshop on Thursday 26th September at Wembley Library (Civic Centre) opposite Wembley Arena. 4pm to 6pm

Try your hand at Freestyling and Spoken Word… and create a piece of your own that you can perform along with Simon and other poets such as Raymund Antrobus, Adam Kammerling and Deanna Rodger at the Chill Pill Open Mic at the Brent Civic Centre Opening Ceremony on Sunday 6 October.

Simon will also be running workshops on Sunday 6 October at 12.30pm and 2.30pm, where you can create more poems and raps, and prepare for your Chill Pill moment….

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Trevor said...

if I were in simon's shoes I would talk about things that are of great importance such as the smoking problem in this area.
only babies and little children and people that are seriously disabled physically or mentally are not aware of the dangers of smoking.
and that it is extremely wrong that something that causes 100,000 preventable deaths every year should be freely available to the public to buy which when consumed seriously damages their health to the point where their health is so damaged they eventually die.
if the government for good reason decide to make drug dealing illegal which acts as a protection for the public
why have they decided to make smoking legal?
what benefits has it brought to society?
is 100,000 preventable deaths each year something beneficial and worth paying hard earned money for?
and again I will mention the vanity of celebrating Christmas each year by buying cards presents and turkeys etc while we carry on allowing each other to exploit one another for profit and what we use to rake in the profit causes 100,000 preventable deaths.
when you happen to be Lost in a area your not familiar with
you naturally Turn to people for help don't you?
Well what if the help you receive turns out to be actually faulty to say the least which results in you wasting your Time trying to get to your destination simply cause the directions you receive are wrong?
well that is what British society is doing and has been doing for Time immemorial.
so you are born and start growing up and you find that you are living in a extremely permissive society which causes people to go astray
and take their health for granted for example by means of smoking.
yes the government(s) cleverly and wickedly misuse their authority by permitting people to use certain things with which to make a living from such as Tobacco.
now enough Time has passed and more than enough people have needlessly died from smoking related diseases to us in no doubt that Tobacco is to be used for smoking.
but despite knowing that the government ignores that and puts the making of money first which is why so many people needlessly die each year.
and then they hypocritically condemn people who decide to use things like heroin and cannabis and cocaine to sell to the public in order to make a living like the tobacco companies do.
of course it is right that drug dealing is illegal but does that mean tobacco dealing is acceptable?
well something that causes 100,000 (preventable ) deaths is clearly
but the government have decided to put profit before principle in this case.
so in that way the government are clearly driven by greed and are crooked to an extreme as well as extremely corrupt and wicked and hypocritical because they condemn nations such as syria and it's chemical weapons which also cause many deaths.
but here in britain which is meant to be a Christian nation the government decide to ignore Christian principles in favor of profit and as a result of that the public go astray and suffer immensely.
the British government needs to look at itself first before finding fault with other nations because when it opens its eyes to the many wrongs it has done and continues to do it will hopefully realize that it is just as guilty as nations that cause immense suffering to its own people.
whatever syria does in terms of chemical weapons is of course evil and wicked but look what britain does to its people by means of Tobacco and smoking.
and it does this for nothing but money.
so the message that sends out is that our government is corrupt and that when the price is right it is willing to give its consent even when that result in no end of preventable deaths.
now that is something worth talking about!
and there are worser things going on in this country but that is one of the cruelest.