Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reclaiming inclusive education for all

Unite the Youth group
Michael Gove's Report Card
I was pleased to be asked to speak to the DPAC/Alliance for Inclusive Education group who delivered a demand for inclusive education to the DfE this lunchtime. This was part of the week of action which culminated this evening in a lobby of the House of Commons.

The demand for inclusive eduction was placed firmly within a social justice framework with the benefits of integration for both the disabled and non-disabled emphasised. Speakers were angry that the Coalition has put things into reverse with increased segregation, often now in private special schools, and academies and free schools making it harder for children with disabilities to receive equal access. Even mainstream local authority schools, fearing for their test and exam results and place in the league tables, are often less willing to admit such pupils.

I strongly supported this campaign which I feel is right both morally and in terms of educational benefit to all pupils. I told the crowd that we had gone from Every Child Matters to Every Test Result Matters to Only What Michael Gove Thinks Matters.

We need to return to saying Everyone Matters and ensure that the resources are provided to make sure that happens.

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