Saturday, 21 September 2013

Boris's Housing Horror: The Video

There was consternation when I revealed that the new flats at Willesen Green Library were being marketed in Singapore with the unique selling point implying that they contain no riffraff because there were no affordable homes or key workers on site.

The redevelopment at West Hendon on the Welsh Harp includes tower blocks of luxury flats clearly aimed at the international market rather than Londoners.

Darren Johnsons's report BELOW set out how this is part of the London Mayor's policy. The video puts the message over succinctly.  How many more Brent developments will be aimed at overseas investors or buy-to-let landlords?

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Trevor said...

if my understanding is correct
there is a feeling of anxiety regarding boris Johnson's approach to the housing crisis?
He appears to be putting profit before putting what is in the best interests of the public?
if so that is standard procedure.
Look @ what politicians Did regarding the legalization of smoking.
rather than Look at the immense damage giving their consent would cause, they looked instead or appeared to focus on the money side of it.
and now this is why 100,000 people die every year from smoking related diseases, and the dirty cracked uneven pavements we walk and trip over each day resemble one big ashtray and dustbin for empty cigarette boxes.
and even when this causes the budget of the NHS to increase every year, the government's approach is to just let people carry on exploiting each other and people carry on abusing themselves so that others can profit.
oh and remember that this is meant to be a Christian a few months time we will be expected to go through the old routine of buying presents and eating turkey in honor Of Jesus and god
and even though the bible clearly states that we should love our neighbors and should cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh
we ignore that and put what we consider as important first which is money.
so here we are corrupting each other and spilling no end of blood etc etc and then every december 25th we eat turkey and kid ourselves that this the right way to worship god.
if I created fake money and took them to shops in exchange for food and clothing etc
I would end up in a police cell and be charged with fraud.
but it's perfectly acceptable to mislead people about what it means to be Christian.
this speaks volumes about standards in this country.
what it considers as important i.e. must be genuine but other things like the right way to worship god oh that doesn't matter!
just carry on buying presents and eating turkey!
because by doing that your putting the interests of the economy first and ignoring what jesus said about putting god's interests first.
I shake my head in despair.