Friday, 6 September 2013

Modi not coming but Barry Gardiner unrepentant

Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujerat, has told Barry Gardiner that he is unable to accept his  invitation to speak to the House of Commons on the 'Future of Modern India' as he is busy for the next few weeks/

Modi has been fiercely criticised over the massacre of over 2,000 Muslims in the Gujerat in 2002 and campaigns and petitions were launched to get the invitation withdrawn. Local support for the campaign   to withdraw the invitation has included Brent TUC and Brent Labour Representation Committee.

The demonstration outside Barry Gardiner's surgery  at the Brent Civic Centre on Monday, 11.30am-1pm will go ahead in an effort to persuade him to officially withdraw the invitation and not repeat it.

Gardiner told the Kilburn Times: LINK
If it was right to issue the invitation in the first place, it would be wrong to withdraw it. Nothing can be added by that. It is silly.
Given the abject history of official British support for 'strong men' abroad, often for business reasons and the 'national interest', only to rebound later when the strong men trample on democracy and commit human rights abuses, Gardiner may eventually be glad that his invitation was declined.

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