Thursday 9 January 2014

Have your say on healthcare spending in Brent

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trevor said...

Do You own anything That is of Considerable Value?
If You Do There Is No Doubt That You Take Care Of It because It Is Precious and To Neglect or Mistreat It
Would Mean You No Longer Care About It.
and if you saw a person setting light to a huge amount of money you would surely consider that person to be strange to say the least and why?
Well because it is a well known fact that people tend to take care of their money and why do they do that?
because it is what puts food in their tummies and clothes on their backs and keeps the roof over their heads.
and therefore to practice taking care of ones money is clearly wise and undoubtedly benefits those practising it.
now if you saw someone encouraging people to be careless with their money how would you react?
especially if you were in a position of authority and was able to use your authority to stop that person in order to protect those being influenced by that person would you use it?
or would you turn a blind eye and allow that person to carry on doing what they are doing until their influence results in countless people bringing problems onto themselves by allowing themselves to be influenced by that person?
well the fact that gambling machine addiction it is becoming a popular topic of conversation proves that that is exactly what has been allowed to happen with full knowledge by members of parliament.
and if that was not shocking and bad enough those same MPs are the ones that have allowed people to exploit their fellow humans with highly addictive health damaging death causing cigarettes and again this has been done with full knowledge of the government.
and as a result of that countless people have brought physical ruin upon themselves and death caused from smoking has become one of the biggest causes of preventable death in this country.
now does that not make it painfully obvious that the democracy in this country is immensely corrupt?
and that the government can be "Brought"?
in the sense that if they see that an idea is "profitable" and popular with the vulnerable public they give it their approval and Tax it so that they Benefit along with the people behind the Business.
and even if that "idea" causes immense harm like smoking cigarettes Has Done the government ignore that fact and just allow the exploitation to continue.
so really they by their wicked greed driven nature actually encourage wrongdoing and as a result cause bad things to spread like a disease.
and all because they are corrupt and blinded by greed.
and so can you seriously expect anyone to expect that their "ideas" about how money should be spent regarding healthcare Will Be Actually Valued by the very ones that because of their greed have brought many problems into the country?
I Don't think so Martin.
We Live in a Country is extremely corrupt and driven by greed and Children growing up are far from safe because again they are living in an extremely corrupt country that is driven by greed and one in which carelessness is encouraged because that has proved to be extremely profitable.