Monday 6 January 2014

Brent Council announce blitz on dirty streets ahead of the local election

Brent Fightback protest in 2011
It is interesting how the forthcoming elections focus the mind of councillors. Up until now Brent Council has denied that the 2011 cuts in street cleaning  resulted in dirtier streets despite the evidence provided by local residents and political activists.

This interview with a street cleaner predicted a worsening service from  Nicola Newswizz

 Now, with 5 months to go before the election Brent Council has announced a blitz on street cleaning:
A major new blitz against the worst litter and flytipping spots in the borough will be launched in every ward in the new year as part of a new campaign to clean up Brent.

Brent Council’s campaign will focus on the spots most blighted by dumped waste, litter and dirt. For the first time street cleansing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in town centres and residential streets will take place and all 21 wards will get their own dedicated street sweeper to focus on cleaning up the dirtiest spots in their area.

In total an extra 28 street sweepers in addition to the existing crews will be sent in to clean up the borough’s streets from 6 January. So far 147 of the dirtiest spots across the borough have been identified for immediate action as part of the campaign.

Brent Council is committed to delivering clean streets and high standards of cleansing for all areas, including removing any flytipping as quickly as possible.
It is not clear whether the 28 street sweepers are new employees or current employees on overtime and what the budgetary implications are for the move.

The fly tipping 'Hot Spots' identified by the council for action can be found on the table below:



trevor said...

I Cannot Help Doubting The Words That Come out of the mouths of Councillors Especially When it's Regarding Cleaning Up Dirty the Streets in This Borough.
I Mean How Is It Now They Suddenly Appear To Be Taking What Is A Serious 24/7 Problem Seriously?
The Impression I get Is That They Don't Really Care and That Even If There is Some Sincerity in What They Say About Wanting To Tackle The Litter Problem, The Way They Go About Leaves Much To Be Desired.
They Seem More Determined When It Comes To Getting us to Pay The Council Tax And Then Its Like After it's Just Nothing Basically.
The People Contracted To Sweep The Streets Have Been Allowed To Think They Can Do A Half Hearted Job In Return For A Full Wage.
And I Say That As Someone Who Once Worked as a Traffic Warden in This Borough and I say The Way the company contracted To Enforce the parking zones were allowed to use cars that were not fit to be on the road and often broke down in the middle of the road and we would have call the office who would have to send the truck to come and pick us up literally and take us back to base.
and that and more happened in the London borough of Brent.
so I'm no longer surprised when I see litter covered pavements and get covered in rain water while along wembley high street because the street drains that have been allowed to be blocked solid with dirt and leaves etc etc and when it rains the water has got no where to go and so when buses and cars drive by they unfortunately end up splashing people walking by and in fact that happened to me yesterday morning as I was going to college and I was not pleased as you can imagine.
and yet that would not have happened if street drains were not allowed to remain blocked solid.
so you can see how literally one thing leads to another.
when rubbish is allowed to build up it attracts insects and birds which then makes diseases etc more likely to build up which then leads to people becoming ill.
and yet if a high standard of road sweeping etc was maintained it would make diseases and illness less likely to grow.
I know my words will fail to inspire but not due to my words being weak etc no rather due to the councillors deciding among themselves to keep Doing as They Do and of the public Will continue to behave as if they do not know the difference between a Dustbin and a Pavement?

Anonymous said...

It seems the focus is on clearing up after fly tippers (...for the upcoming election). Nobody talks about tracing and identifying fly-tippers in the first place.