Friday 17 January 2014

Unity vigil against Britain First's Islamophobia on Saturday from 1.30pm

Britain First's real agenda
More has emerged about Britain First, the organisation planning to demonstrate outside the proposed Muslim Brotherhood's offices in Cricklewood on Saturday afternoon.

It is clear that the demonstration is part of their anti-Muslim, anti-immigration agenda with the Muslim Brotherhood office as a convenient hook on which to hang their Islamophobia.

I have received the following information about Britain First which is the brainchild of James Dowson

This group are not a straight forward splinter from the BNP as your local paper described them, but the key persons were both in the BNP and the man Dowson, unless the police can tell you otherwise is still on bail for his part in the very serious violent disorders in Ulster last year during the marching season. During those riots some of the worst Ulster has witnessed in years many police officers were hospitalised.
Dowson who was described at one time as "The man who owns the BNP" now runs the group that are coming to your neighbourhood, He has a long time record of support various causes such as playing a role in a violent Anti-Abortion Campaign.
They are desperate for publicity and the police are correct to say the EDL are doing something in another part of the country that day. Despite all the false trails they are far from finished and the EDL are still holding regular activities around the country at least every two weekends, on one recent weekend  they were able to mount two activities in different parts of the country.

There will be a peaceful static demonstration outside 113 Cricklewood Broadway on Saturday January 18th from 1.30pm celebrating the unity of our diverse community. It is supported byt Brent Trades Council and Brent Fightback.


Anonymous said...

And don't be fooled by the 'mosques' bit. They also hate catholics, sikhs, odinists, hindus, druids,jews,jainists, buddhists,taoists, mormons, spiritists, atheists, agnostics.... (continued p67)
Basically, you're ok if you're a fundamentalist protestant calvinist (but only if you're a bigoted one).

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be any trouble, their website advert for the Cricklewood event asks for 'sensible patriots only'. It's therefore only polite to request that only sensible anti-fascists turn up for the counter event. Don't forget to bring a woolly, it's going to be cold tomorrow.