Thursday 16 January 2014

EDL threaten demo in Cricklewood on Saturday

The Mapesbury Safer Neighbourhood Team have circulated the following information:

*  EDL Demo Cricklewood Broadway on Saturday

Update from Mapesbury SNT

The media has published details on the 14/01/2014 regarding the Muslim Brotherhood setting up an office above an old Kebab shop in CRICKLEWOOD BROADWAY. A photo of the venue shows a disused premise with the number 113 visible on the front.

Further enquiries have identified the building as 113 CRICKLEWOOD BROADWAY NW2 3JG which is covered by BRENT borough.

The right wing response has been for a national call out for persons to attend the venue on Saturday 18/01/2014 in opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood setting up office in LONDON 

The Britain First right wing group has organised the event and have asked people to meet at 1400 hrs on 18/01/2014 at CRICKLEWOOD STATION and bring flags.

This has also appeared on the main ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE facebook page It this stage there is no indication of people who will attend but it is guaranteed that people will attend on Saturday

I will keep you up to date with developments; we will develop an appropriate Policing response.

Mapesbury SNT contact details:

NOTE FROM WEMBLEY MATTERS The latest intelligence suggest that the EDL will be mobilising in Slough on Saturday and I have been told there is nothing on their Twitter feed about Cricklewood. It looks likely that it will be a small demonstration (perhaps no more than 20) by Britain First. This information is not definitive so please check Wembley Matters, Brent Fightback Facebook for updates.


Graham Jenson said...

Did the Muslim Brotherhood get planning permission to convert a flat into an office? I trust business rates were being paid instead of domestic rates? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Martin, the word 'mobilising' in the 'NOTE FROM WEMBLEY MATTERS' seems a needlessly dramatic way of saying 'meeting up, getting pissed and bellowing a lot'.

Anonymous said...

Muslim brotherhood's presency is well aware of by the UK Government and they are not threat to the Democracy of this country.Muslim brotherhood is a part for Egypt not for UK, so they are here to focus on what is going on their country rather than Britain. Get a life EDL and don't call demonstarators something is not interest for the country.