Thursday 16 January 2014

Latest on Far Right Cricklewood demonstration

UPDATE from Brent Police on the intention of Britain First to demonstrate against the Muslim Brotherhood's Office on Cricklewood Broadway on Saturday afternoon.
To update you, it now appears the EDL will not be attending as they are demonstrating elsewhere in the Country; however I cannot rule this out.
The organisation that are confirmed as demonstrating is Britain First
Supporters of this event have been asked to muster at CRICKLEWOOD BR Station at 1400 hours.
From here the group would like to march the short distance in the road to the offices of the MB and then hold a static protest for approximately 1 hour and then disperse.

They intend to address the assembled group with a loud hailer.  They have confirmed that union and St George flags will be displayed and a new  BRITAIN FIRST banner which will take up the entire width of the road.

It is believed that approximately 30 activists will support and attend this event.
Although there is no intelligence to suggest that the group will go elsewhere we are still open minded.
We are aware how close this event is to a Mosque, the local Safer Neighborhood Sergeant has visited and will be in regular contact.

The MPS has public order trained officers on duty and Superintent Springer will be in attendance and in charge of the Police officers.
Nick Davies
Chief Inspector
Brent Police

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