Tuesday, 9 September 2014

'Divorced' Tory Groups bicker at Brent Council as Labour continues to subvert democracy

The importance of effective opposition and scrutiny when Labour has a huge majority on Brent Council has been stressed repeatedly on this blog. Following my gagging last night things took an even more ludiucrous turn with Labour using its majority to determine which of the two rival factions of Conservatives would be the 'official opposition'.

Deputy Labour Leader Michael Pavey said on Twitter that the Council had been trying to get the two groups to decide between themselves which of them would take that role for three months without success.

In the event it was the 'old timers' of Kenton who Labour chose much to the anger of John Warren 'leader' of the Brondesbury Park faction.  Warren had done most of the opposing during the meeting - including opposing the Kenton faction.

Warren spoke despairingly about what the Conservatives had been reduced to in Brent and denounced as 'woolly' a motion on the Garden Tax proposed by the Kenton Tories.

The Kenton Tories joined Labour in voting for the 25% allowance increase and the Brondesbury Tories and Helen Carr voted against.

A number of Labour councillors were absent and some of those absences may have been to avoid publicly voting against their party line on allowances. We will wait and see how many donate the increase to charities.


  1. 'Donate to charity'..... is that code for using it to buy votes.... who's going to monitor this giving to charity?

  2. Helen Carr, the lone Lib Dem, has decided to donate the increase to ward working funds according to the Kilburn Times.

  3. It is outrageous and totally greedy deciding to give themselves a 25% pay-rise then on the other hand talk about having to cut services because they will be getting less funds from central government. They are a disgrace to this borough and its residents.

    We need to get together and protest against this travesty.