Monday, 1 September 2014

Midday today deadline for addressing Brent's Full Council Meeting on September 8th

Brent Council sent out a tweet on Friday advertising the 5 minute slot at Full Council meetings where the public can address the Council:

 ·  Aug 29
Speak out to the whole council. Ask for a five-min slot (a deputation) @ full council. For 8 Sept email by noon Mon.

The deputations are made under Standing Order 39:
.    (a)  Deputations may be made by members of the public. Each deputation shall last not more than 5 minutes and there shall be a maximum of 3 deputations at any one council meeting on different subject matters. There shall be no more than one deputation made by the same person or organisation in a 6 month period and no repetition of the subject.
.    (b)  Any deputation must directly concern a matter affecting the borough and relate to a Council function. Deputations shall not relate to legal proceedings or be a matter which is or has been the subject of a complaint under the Council’s complaints processes. Nor should a deputation be frivolous, vexatious, or defamatory. The Director of Legal and Procurement shall have discretion to decide whether the deputation is for any other reason inappropriate and cannot proceed.
.    (c)  Any person wishing to make a deputation shall give written notice to the Director of Legal and Procurement of the title and summary of the content of the deputation not less than 5 days before the date of the meeting.
.    (d)  If more than three deputations are received a ballot will take place three days before the Council meeting to select the deputations to be presented before the Council.

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