Wednesday, 10 September 2014

STOP PRESS: Michaela Free School announces 'Umbrellas are acceptable' but watch out for the shoes and haircuts

The Michaela Free School still looked like a building site today but the school's website, in a not terribly friendly announcement, says pupils will start on Monday:

School Starts at 11am Monday 15th September

Parents’ Evening is at 5pm Wednesday 17th September

Parental Interviews Cancelled

1.School uniform: All pupils are expected in full school uniform on the first day of school: Monday 15 September at 11am.
2.Shoes should be plain, black, flat and logo-free. Be very traditional in your choice of shoe. Please avoid anything that looks like a black trainer. If in doubt send us a photograph of the shoes BEFORE buying.
3.Boots are not acceptable for school. Sturdy traditional school shoes with a good tread, suitable for winter, are advised.
4.PE Trainers, the colour and style are up to you. And yes, inevitably, trainers will have logos. They must be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
5.Umbrellas are acceptable. These should be plain, in black or navy blue and in a telescopic style. Umbrellas must be small enough that, when closed and collapsed, they fit into the standard school bag.
6.Haircuts & Jewellery: All haircuts must comply with school policy for Monday 15th September. No make-up or jewellery is allowed. This includes stud earrings.
7.Free School Meals: If you’re already registered with Brent as eligible for free school meals that should automatically continue. If concerned contact us and we’ll check on our list.
8.Food: High quality food is prepared on site. There will be a range of options, including fish and vegetarian choices so all religious groups are treated fairly and equally.
9.Paying for food: Please send your child to school on Monday 15th with a cheque for either £159.50 for the term or £77 for the half term, made payable to Michaela Community School. Please write your child’s FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH on the back of your cheque.
10.Oyster Zip cards: All parents should apply for these as soon as possible. The application says that a stamp or signature from the school is required. We have checked with TFL and we are advised that this is NOT essential.


  1. Golly! It's Back to the Fifties!
    'Very traditional' shoes, eh? I'd enjoy testing that one out. Whose tradition? Inuit mukluks ok? Clogs? Nice to see the shoes have to be sturdy though, let's just hope they're 'sensible' too. Vintage shops should be able to provide some appropriate Start-Rite numbers.
    And having to write a cheque for 159 quid on the first day of term should help keep the riff-raff out. What I'd give to be a fly on the wall at that Parent's Evening ( at 5pm presumably so that parents can see to pick their way through the rubble and dumper trucks before darkness descends).
    Mike Hine

    1. I remember the word 'serviceable' cropping up numerous times in my school uniform list - admittedly many, many moons ago.

  2. Having recently become more familiar with ARK policies, I would say that ARK almost as extreme as Michaela. I pity the poor kids of Brent. They are going to hate school.