Friday, 19 September 2014

Wembley Asda permitted to extend Click & Collect hours despite objections from neighbours

Despite objections from neighbours Brent Council has granted planning permission to Wembley ASDA to extend the opening hours of its Click and Collect Bay by two hours daily. It can now operate until 10pm.

Five residents of 115 Chalkhill Road objected. This is what two of them said:
  •  Objection: To whom it may concern, I am a resident of the block that stands directly behind the Asda home delivery unit. Since this facility has been opened a couple of weeks ago I have been constantly disturbed by the noise made by Asda home delivery workers and their vans. It's 10:57 pm now and they still pack and unpack their vans and the noise is not bearable. I must also admit that they start very early in the morning and the noise has been disturbing the whole of my family including my child, we all feel that our health has been affected by ongoing problems with noise caused by asda. I have all the emails that have been sent to yourselves, as well as emails that we as residents have received from the council workers therefore please do check your own records regarding Asda noise made by all the residents of the east side of the 115 Chalkhill road block. I have also kept audio/video records that can be used as evidence that asda do not respect the neighbourhood. I do hope that application will not be granted. If they want extension of working hours till 22:00 and currently they have it till 20:00 and they still make noise at 23:00, what would happen if they "on paper" work till 22:00?! Please kindly consider my comments, I am sure that my neighbours would certainly agree with them. Yours sincerely, Disrespected professional who would like to just relax and forget about constant problems with Asda
  •  Objection: Living just above the newly built Click and Collect bay, I am concerned about noise and light pollution, you will see from your records that the residents of this block have already had to file numerous complaints regarding the noise from the machinery in Asda's loading area, the car wash when it was in this location and the construction of this Click and Collect. I cannot speak for the rest of the block, but my health has certainly suffered from the incessant noise from Asda's at all hours of the day and night. I strongly object to any further changes. Please do not grant them permission to cause more disruption to the residents behind them. Thank you.

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  1. this is to be expected martin...after all the council are desperate for money now that the pot is almost dry.
    it's the nature of the beast.
    I feel so sorry for people.