Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Brent Council: 'Key financials' for Gilbert and Davani private companies

The use of private companies by local authorities to pay senior staff has been a sourc eof considerable controversy within the Labour Party nationally.

In Brent the revelation that Christine Gilbert, Acting Chief Executive,  had her salary paid into her private company was the subject of debate in a full Council meeting. Her current salary is listed as £187,044 with more for additional duties as Returning Officer during elections. LINK

  Her company website, is currently unavailable.

These are the latest figures I could find on her company. It is due to report again in 2015.

Cara Davani also has her own Human Resources company but her website  is also unavailable.

She was paid £700 per day by Brent Council when she started as Acting Director of Human Resources

She is also an associate (but not a director) of the HR Lounge whose website IS available:

Below you can find the key financial data from Cara Davani Limited which is due to report again in two months time.

 Both companies are exempt from audit due to their small size.

HR Lounge key financial data:

Fiona Ledden, Brent Chief Legal Officer and Head of Procurement and Democratic Services, has no website available but a Fiona Margarent Ledden is listed as Company Secretary and Director of Ledden Associates Ltd, registred at 4 Belmont Road, Wallington, Surrey which was dissolved in 2009. She is also listed as Director and Company Secretary of Sutton Regeneration Partenership  Ltd dissolved in 2003 and as a Director of Potters Field Management Trust, dissolved 2009. She has no current active directorships.


  1. What about the dog-related business that Davani seems to manage to fit into her busy schedule (or rather, Brent's busy schedule)? She doesn't seem the sort of person to give the puppies away to deserving families, or am I misjudging her?

    1. Nope your are definitely not misjudging her!

  2. All councils have to publish details on all expenditure over £500. The only exceptions to this are for sole traders or individuals.

    Data for Brent is available here:

    As Gilbert and Davani were both paid through limited companies, why isn't this data on their published expenditure? The individual or sole trader rule does not apply to a limited company so have they deliberately been left off?

  3. These highly paid white directors are supposed to be working on behalf of the residents. Instead they sat back, counted their money and watched whilst Davani was intimidating Rosemary Clarke. Sat back while she ran the council into the ground due to the hemorrhaging of money on her mates aka consultants whilst services for residents were being cut. They are an absolute joke. They all should be ashamed and they all need to go. Don't forget Martin, Davani was paid £700 per day plus her travel...It's so obscene....

    1. Why the 'white' bit? Everything you say about them is enough of a condemnation, isn't it? If you start absorbing their lazy simplicities you'll have let them win.

  4. As the saying goes 'the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer' Wouldn't you agree Cllr Butt?

  5. Oh yes, so true, isn't he now trying to get a piece of the pie by voting himself and his cronies a 25% rise, at a time when Miliband is proposing to cut ministers salary by 5% if he wins. Greed Greed and more Greed. Oh, how much are the donkeys known as staff getting...... say it loud Mohamed Butt you are always going on about living wage etc.