Thursday, 4 September 2014

Central Middlesex A&E Closure and the Pupil Premium under Scrutiny next week

There was considerable concern at the recent Health consultation at Bridge Park In Stonebridge, over the closure of Central Middlesex A&E and particularly about whether replacement facilities will be ready. There was also concern about the recent Requiring Improvement judgement on the Northwick Park A&E while Central Middlesex A&E received a 'Good'. The A&E closes on September 10th and a demonstration is scheduled to take place to mark its demise.

The Brent Council Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on September  9th, the day before the closure, will be questioning the professionals concerned.

The Agenda states: 
The Scrutiny Committee will receive an up-date on the arrangements in place for the closure of the A&E unit at Central Middlesex Hospital, and Brent changes to related services, to ensure a high quality of health care is accessible to residents.  This will reflect recent concerns raised following  Care Quality Commission inspections at Northwick Park Hospital.  Senior Representatives from the Northwest London Hospital Trust and the Clinical Commissioing Group will be at the meeting to answer questions.
After its widely criticised lack lustre perfomance at its first meeting, the Scrutiny Committee is reportedly determined to up its game.

At the same meeting a Pupil Premium Task Force will be set up. Task Forces, with a specific remit, are one of the ways the Commmittee will carry outs its work.    The Pupil Premium is the extra money schools get for enhancing the educational opportunities for disadvantaged pupils and now forms  a substantial part of the budget of many Brent Schools.
The purpose of the task group will be to focus on analysing the current use of the Pupil Premium Grant, the outcomes which are being achieved in comparison with national performance and to promote best practise.
This will include:
How eligible pupils in Brent have been performing since the premium was introduced
How schools in Brent have been spending, managing and monitoring the Pupil Premium
The possible lack of correlation between schools with the highest number of eligible pupils and the schools making best use of the PPG
Identifying good practices in Brent schools, across the UK and learning from national organisation such as the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
How could schools in Brent spend the premium more effectively to raise pupil attainment
The Future of the Pupil Premium in Brent - future funding, changes for September 2014
It will be interesting to see who is on the Task Force and whether the Scrutiny Committee goes out to teachers, parents and pupils for members of the force. It would be too easy also to just see things in terms of extra 'booster classes' rather than the enrichment activities that some schools have found really increase children's enjoyment, motivation, confidence and thus their achievement.

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