Thursday, 18 September 2014

Navin Shah calls for Crossrail branch to Wembley Central and Harrow and Wealdstone

From Navin Shah's Office
Navin Shah AM today used his appearance at the planning inquiry into London Plan alterations to argue for a new branch of Crossrail 1 linking from Old Oak Common to Wembley, Harrow & Wealdstone, and beyond. Mr Shah argued that providing this important piece of transport infrastructure would unlock the expected development of these town centres.

The comments came at today’s session of the Examination in Public at City Hall, where the Mayor’s further alterations to the London Plan are being examined by an independent inspector.

Mr Shah also argued that the proposal to designate Harrow & Wealdstone as an Opportunity Area must not become an excuse to allow high-rise development that is inappropriate for the area. He said there must upfront funding for key infrastructure as well as genuine community involvement so that decisions about development reflect the concerns and hope of local people.

After attending the Examination in Public today, local London Assembly member Navin Shah said:
The new branch of Crossrail 1 extending from Old Oak must include stops at Wembley and at Harrow & Wealdstone, and the London Plan must be amended to reflect this. Connecting these important Opportunity Areas with the necessary transport infrastructure is vital to ensure that development is done in a way that benefits the local community, and reflects their concerns and their hopes for the area.

If Harrow & Wealdstone is going to be designated as an Opportunity Area, it must have upfront funding provision for key infrastructure works like step free access for Harrow On the Hill Station and Redevelopment of Bus Station.

The Examination in Public presents a significant opportunity to shape the London Plan, the Mayor’s strategic planning framework for London. I participated in order to stand up for the future of Brent and Harrow on key issues of concern like our need for homes and jobs, town centres, community facilities, and regeneration.


  1. Not sure what such a Crosssrail move would do for 'homes', Navin, except, by inflating prices as it has in Ealing, put them even further out of reach of ordinary people, especially the young.

  2. There is no chance the Crossrail trains could stop at the narrow Wembley Central platforms, with so many other trains thundering by.

    The hourly Southern trains DO stop, but the staff only allow you on to the platform when the previous train has gone through.

    Better to make a physical connection from Old Oak Common to the all-stations DC Lines AS WELL as the slow lines, and then run 4 trains per hour London Overground trains, that call at all stations to Harrow & Wealdstone. The Bakerloo could be cut back to Wembley Central, with two new platforms on the eastern side.