Sunday, 7 September 2014

Possible Labour abstentions on 25% allowance increase tomorrow

I understand that several Labour councillors are considering abstaining when the report giving them a 25% increase on their basic allowance, bringing it up to £10,000 annually, is tabled at Full Council tomorrow.

The rise, coming as it does at an embarrassing time, and attacked by Labour Party activist Graham Durham, has caused much discussion in the group, with even some Cabinet members having qualms.

An alternative, suggested by some, is voting for the increase but them donating it to Brent charities that help those most impacted by Coalition welfare reforms.


  1. Even Westminster MPs are "only" getting a 10% increase, rather than the 25% proposed here.

  2. Bless the Martyrs. Shame they did not abstain on the Garden Tax.

  3. It will be shameful if they took it, but you know they will.