Thursday 11 September 2014

Our West Hendon takes on pan-London gentrification this Saturday

Readers will remember Save The Welsh Harp, the campaign to stop Barratts building tower bocks on the banks of the Welsh Harp which had been occupied by the West Hendon Social Housing Estate. LINK

Barnet Coucil and Boris Johnson approved the scheme despite widespread oppositon and now tenants are being forced out.

This message is from Our West Hendon:

Our West Hendon are running out of time. Non-secure tenants are rapidly being forced out of their communities and Barratts has refused to negotiate 'like for like' settlements with the leaseholders.

Private tenants face yet another move and secure tenants are reluctantly due to be moved into the new but massively inferior builds. It appears the only way to deal with the council and the developers is now to take direct action. Please join us in solidarity this Saturday 13th from 7am-1pm at Marsh Drive Community Centre NW9 7QE.

We know the only way to stop this pan-London gentrification is if all affected communities now come together. Alone we are few, together we are many!


Anonymous said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures - pleasw come and support if you can _- west hendoners will teturn the favour when they come for you !

Anonymous said...

Also, this Monday, Wednesday and every Saturday until the end.