Sunday 5 October 2014

Brent Officers recommend Queensbury affordable housing offer but oppose development on heritage grounds

Locals demonstrating against a high rise block in a Conservation Area replacing the Queensbury
Brent Council officers are recommending acceptance of the revised affordable housaing offer by the developers of the Queensbury site in Willesden Green but also recommend that the Council continues to oppose the proposals on other grounds at the Public Inquiry. LINK

The Report, which goes before the Planning Commitee on October 15th rejects claims that consultation on the proposals was inadequate.

The revised affordable housing is now 22.6% compared with the Core Strategy's target of 50%:

Having considered s report from BNP Paribas on ther viability of the offer, Brent Officers claim that 'on balance' it is acceptable.

They admit this would narrow the grounds for Council opposition to the developer's appeal but believe that issues of design and heritage, especially, are still sufficient to go ahead and oppose. They have appointed a Design and Heritage expert witness.

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Anonymous said...

Fairview homes has been involved in a number of developments where they claim project would not be viable.

There was a recent article on how developers are running riot against planning officers.

Not sure what can be done judging by Pickles refusal to do anything about Kensal Rise Library ACV listing.