Monday 13 October 2014

Tristram Hunt's 'Oath' ridiculed as teachers turn to the Greens for education policy solidarity

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Anonymous said...

Funny yes, but tragic really. I thought that Hunt was improving a bit after he called Cameron 'a low-rent PR man' last week. Now this. Doesn't anyone vet these teenage SPAD ideas for bullshit/gimmick/crassness before they get adopted and announced by out-of-touch politicians desperate for an 'initiative' to tweet about? Does anyone in the Labour party really imagine that there are voters out there who have been waiting, poised and ready to cease their floating the moment one of the parties comes up with a new collection of words that teachers will have to say before they can teach?
Oh, but it will be like the Hippocratic Oath, so that makes all the difference. Great!
By the way, what's the Hippocratic Oath?
You know, doctors take it. It's the only thing that stops them doing untold daily harm to all their patients.
Oh, sounds like a good idea then. I suppose when Harold Shipman took it he had his fingers crossed.
Don't be cynical ...........