Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Housing for People NOT Profit: Greens at MIPIM Protest Today

There were plenty of people from Brent at the developers' MIPIM jamboree at Olympia  today, where deals are hatchd between councils and developers resulting in social cleansing on an epic scale.

Some Labour councils boycotted the fair and others, such as Hammermsith and Fulham, where a stall had been booked by the previous adminstration, used it to make the case for council housing.

Andy Donald from Brent usually takes part, and in fact has been feted by MIPIM.

This morning Gaynor Lloyd from Brent was one of those who spotted Boris Johnson slipping into the Exhibitions.  She emailed me to say
I got to shout at Boris! Saw him scuttling in at the back, being interviewed - appropriately - in a back passage and as he retreated with the odd minders I broke the habits of a lifetime. I shouted "Why didn't you go in at the front?" He looked a lot less puffed up than normal...


  1. Oo-er, missus! Not sure how many of Gaynor's innuendoes were intended but she should be a shoo-in for Sue Perkins' job if ever she wants it.

  2. "Mugging Interlopers Procuring Inhabitants Messuage" Gaynor for PM!