Saturday 25 October 2014

BrentARC steps up rights campaign over Operation Skybreaker

Brent is one of five London boroughs to be chosen as the target for Operation Skybreaker. This follows targeting of the borough by racist organisations such as the BNP, Britain First and the South East Alliance and by the UK Border Agency and Home Office through the racist van and raids on tube stations.

Today the Brent Against Racism Campaign (BrentARC) will be in Wembley Central  distributing the leaflets below informing the public and businesses about their rights regarding Operation Skybreaker.

The leaflet below is particularly aimed at small business owners:

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Trevor said...

I Don't think that operation sky-breaker is a racist inspired plan.
after all remember That one of the things the home office is responsible for is Immigration.
and according to wikipedia, the largest three groups of people immigrate from Pakistan, India, and Somalia.
As far as I know, The above 3 are not members of the European union?
Yet Britain has a large amount of immigrants from those countries.
surely the vast majority are living In Britain legally.
But as you surely know, There are undoubtedly many Living here Illegally.
and They are the ones operation Sky-breaker are out to catch.
also I think it would help to highlight the fact that working In Britain without legal Permission Is a Crime.
and as a member of a Political party That is Hoping to one day Take hold of the reigns of Government,
you surely Wouldn't want to be considered as Easy going with regards to criminal activities.