Thursday 23 October 2014

Warning: Robbers posing as builders in Wembley Park

I tweeted about this yesterday evening and my neighbour who was the victim popped in this morning to give me more details.

Yesterday evening around 7pm a white English man, 30-35 years old with no discernible regional accent knocked on my neighbour's maisonette door to say he was doing some work in the flat below and to apologise for any noise nuisance.

He returned 30 to 45 minutes later to say the work had been completed and my neighbour assured him that he had heard nothing. The 'workman' turned to go and then, Colombo style, stopped and asked if he could just check the water pressure which might have been affected by the work he had done.

He went into the kitchen to the stop-cock under the sink and then asked my neighbour to hold something while he checked elsewhere. My neighbour's suspicions were aroused when the man then closed the kitchen door on him.

Coming out of the kitchen he discovered all the cupboard doors open and the man investigating a tin box. Simultaneously another man, black baseball pulled down, came through the front door which must have been left ajar by his accomplice.

My neighbour, no Spring chicken, managed to kick them both out.

Be warned.


Anonymous said...

'Robbers posing as builders' without even bothering with the traditional bit of bodging, eh? That IS novel!

Anonymous said...

I bet the team from tv programme "CowBoy Builders" could do a better job at finding the culprits than our so called Police Force !

You get them Dominic Littlewood !

Anonymous said...

Bloody white Englishmen, coming over here, pushing up our crime rate. I'm voting UKIP!

Martin Francis said...

In mitigation it does sounds as if they were polite Englishmen concerned about the impact of non-existent noise on an elderly person that they wanted to rob. Politeness goes a long way...