Thursday 23 October 2014

Police Appeal: Do you recognise this butt?

Deadline for nominations for Staff Achievement Awards extended as Council leaders ‘snatch   dogs off the streets’ in desperate bid to boost Davani vote.    
Guest blog by E.Tribunal

Earlier rumours that Brent Council leaders have reacted to the avalanche of support for Rosemarie Clarke by selecting, as their own favoured nominee, HR  supremo  Ms Cara Davani, seem to have been confirmed.  Leaks from Civic Centre staff tell of receiving scores of nomination forms bearing a paw mark where the nominator’s name should be ( see earlier report HERE, and that almost all the dogs involved appear to be Kerry Blue Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, Irish Terriers or Welsh Terriers, the breeds which Ms Davani  and her partner Andy Potts specialise in at Kebulak Kennels LINK , the business Ms Davani runs when things are a bit slack in her other jobs. 

Now, in a new development, it seems that Cara and Andy’s kennels have not been able to supply enough supporters to swing the vote in the HR supremo’s favour and last Thursday’s deadline for nominations has been extended to give the Butt/Pavey/Ledden/ Davani/Potts  gang one last chance to deny Rosemarie Clarke her rightful award.

Desperate for extra votes, it seems that supporters of Ms Davani, having exhausted their own canine support, are now snatching other people’s  dogs off the streets and, with promises of mountains of bones and endless  walkies, or simply by crude threats of violence (see below,) forcing the unfortunate mutts to put their paws on the form and vote for the shamed HR chief who was recently found guilty of racial discrimination, victimisation and workplace bullying in her role of Human Resources lead and figurehead in equal opportunities Brent.  

Local police, who are understandably keen to trace the perpetrators of this particularly cruel and insensitive practice, have issued a CCTV image of a suspect  reproduced above in the hope that someone out there will recognise him. Detective Inspector Sturmey Archer of Wembley CID  made this plea:

‘If anyone in the community recognises this butt, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The man is described as below average height and bearded. Do not approach him. He is desperate.’  
Witnesses said that when he spotted the CCTV camera, the suspect seemed at first to react by smiling broadly into the camera and looking for someone’s hand to shake. However, when he realised what he’d been filmed doing he immediately ran off at great speed throwing away the rope and a half-eaten takeaway meal. Police later said they had sent away a quantity of akee and salt-fish for analysis. 

Meanwhile they have urged residents to keep their pets safe indoors until the extended deadline passes today.


Anonymous said...

You should remove your libellous comments Martin, Cara wasn't found to be racist, it was the council, you could be sued and if I was her I would do it as you are really are a petty little individual

Anonymous said...

If evidence were ever needed, Martin, of the breadth, diversity and inclusiveness of your readership .............
E.Tribunal (Mr)

Anonymous said...

Aha! I see the resident serving Brent Labour councillor troll is now having a go at Martin.

Do please keep up at the back and read the judgement: Davani was held culpable.

Alison Hopkins

Anonymous said...

But he is FUNNY!

Nan Tewari said...

Actions are carried out by officers on behalf of the council. Would this contributor care to suggest which officers might be the miscreants in this case?

Martin Francis said...

It is E.Tribunal, the Guest Blogger, who is funny. No councillor or resident has ever accused me of being funny.

Martin Francis said...

Edited comment: 21:58 clearly knows nothing about the laws of defamation, libel, or parody.

If senior staff at Brent spent as much time and effort on delivering services as they do on damage control and attempting to re-write history, then maybe Brent wouldn't be in such a sorry state.

The very fact that staff are writing pieces for this blog shows that there are serious governance issues at Brent Council because no one would disparage senior staff of their employer if they respected them.

My suggestion to senior staff and members is this - there are a lot of staff who can go way beyond making jokes like those in this blog post. So stop wasting time, effort, and credibility in these ill-thought and impossible attempts at silencing criticism and get your own houses in order first.

If you don't, then you might suddenly find that other members of staff - who also know LOTS of very juicy information about scandals at the council - suddenly start writing their own blogs.

I would suggest that you all get together and write something for the staff intranet which explains exactly what the hell is going on and whjat the hell you're all doing rather than issuing empty threats against a local campaigner who actually seems to give a shit about the residents of Brent - people you all seem to have forgotten that you are paid to serve.

Anonymous said...

Guest blogger is brilliant.

And I can tell you that there are deeply unhappy staff at Brent, 'cos I've talked to many of them. Brent is back to the Bent Brent days, and is fundamentally broken at the highest level.

Alison Hopkins

Anonymous said...

Hopkins calling people trolls = classic

Anonymous said...

Time-wasting (and probably intentional) distraction.
Is the issue racial discrimination, workplace bullying, victimisation, waste of public funds, judicial judgement and corruption?
Or is it 'I don't like Alison Hopkins and I'm going to let her know it' (even if I'm not actually going to say who I am)?

Ian McArdle

Martin Francis said...

Edited comment: Totally true Alison, staff are now so despondent, the working atmosphere is so toxic you wake up wanting to go back to bed rather than face that place. The ones who truly care about their jobs have been beaten down and bullied so much they just want to leave.

Anonymous said...

Talking of bent, who supervises the count of the nominations? Given the amount of suspicion involved at the Civic Centre these days shouldn't they get the Electoral Reform Society in to ensure that everything is conducted honestly?
Also, shouldn't there be a deadline for the announcement? Precedent would be a guide. When was it done last year?

Alison Hopkins said...

14:46 - I'm so sorry. You - the decent hardworking ones I knew and worked with - deserve far better. It was, and still is, the people at the sharp end who took all the crap, including the nonsense from both the leader and executive and so-called management. Not fair. :(

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether any reason was given for this? Was it just announced without any rationale? (People on here have indicated that Ms Davani has 'taken over' staff awards and she isn't noted for her open and transparent operating style, so Civic Centre staff will probably laugh at the question. However, any information about any reasoning behind the extension would be appreciated).

Anonymous said...

Staff awards this year is a total shambles, totally fake so do we care. Public nominations can't be turned down, so we wait to see what will happen with Rosemarie's nominations.