Thursday 30 October 2014

Brent Council: Trick or Cheat?

Brent Council’s ‘Big Three’ weigh their options to avoid giving Rosemarie Clarke  her Staff Achievement Award
Guest blog by Jack O. Lantern
                 Christine Gilbert, Cllr Butt and Cara Davani pictured yesterday
With only days to go before the nominations for Brent Staff Achievement Awards 2014  have to be announced, it’s decision time at the Civic Centre. Having used up  the 7 days breathing space which the hastily-announced deadline extension gave them, it’s now time to decide whether to try to
TRICK  the people of Brent by claiming that Rosemarie Clarke is not eligible (even though the Tribunal’s constructive dismissal judgement made it clear that the only reason Rosemarie is no longer a Brent employee is that she was illegally forced to resign by Davani), or to
CHEAT the people of Brent by somehow ‘losing’ the mountain of votes Rosemarie has obviously  received. (Aside from the transparent obviousness of such an attempt, a Freedom of Information request would surely follow).
No matter how  frightening  the choice appears to be for them, one option that definitely isn’t open to Davani, Butt and Gilbert is to attempt to further delay the expected anouncements while they  try to conjure up some other escape strategy.  There are now more than just local eyes on this whole grubby business and the sooner Cllr Butt decides to cut his losses the better.
             Decision time, Councillor:  Witch is it to be?


Anonymous said...

What treats would you give each of those three if they knocked on your door tomorrow night?

Anonymous said...

I'd give them what they'd all give themselves, a Brent Staff Achievement Award.