Friday 31 October 2014

One year on from their fracking protest Brent FoE shape up for a fight against Park Royal proposals

Brent  FoE's fracking protest outsiode Willesden Green Station in October 2013
In response to London Local Energy's application for a licence to frack for shale gas in Park Royal, Brent, Ian Saville joint Co-ordinator of Brent Friends of the Earth (Brent FoE) says,
We resolutely oppose fracking in Brent, or anywhere else, and urge Brent Council to turn down the application by London Local Energy to site a well head in Park Royal. Fracking is a dirty technology that may seriously damage our health, environment and is very likely to worsen climate change. Shale gas is a dirty fossil fuel that will add to the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the environment. It should be left in the ground.

Regulatory systems are not strong enough to protect against leaks of toxic chemicals used in the fracking process. This threatens our soil and water supplies. Fracking uses vast quantities of water - in the region of 4 million gallons per well head – which are lost to public supply.

We cannot count on fracking to reduce our fuel bills. Instead we need to invest in renewables and energy saving to heat our homes.
Brent Friends of the Earth have been lobbying their MPs and parliamentary candidates about fracking in London. You can read an update on their talks with Glenda Jackson on their website HERE

Jenny Jones, Green Party AM, said:
The suggestion that London’s residents will not notice the noise and disruption of fracking trucks as it already has high levels of traffic and noise is truly insulting.

Boris Johnson can’t just brush these off as NIMBY issues. More noise, pollution on our roads is completely unacceptable. Nor should the risks of contaminating ground water with toxic chemicals be underestimated. 

At a time when current trends mean that we are on course for a catastrophic 4 degree temperature increase, our priority must be switching to renewables such as solar/wind and getting serious about energy conservation. 

Exploiting even more fossil fuels such as fracked oil or gas that can only accelerate global warming just isn’t an option.
Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, assured Brent Friends of the Earth of the Council's opposition to fracking when they demonstration against it in 2013. LINK 

Cllr Butt was interviewed on BBC London's Breakfast Show this morning about the licence application. Listen from 01.43 LINK

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Brent Councillors planning to allow the fracking license would care to read the following article from the Guardian's website regarding New York's decision to ban fracking on health grounds. To precis;
Where New York included 100 pages of scientific studies, the British authors searched the scientific literature on the health impacts only to 2012 and devoted just six pages to air pollution, five to water risks, and seven to naturally occurring radioactivity. Human health impacts merited just a few paragraphs and no mention was made of the effects of the carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, respiratory irritants and the neurological, endocrine and haematological disruptors and toxins used in fracking. No potential social or ecological damage was considered.
Please inform yourselves and campaign against this nightmare....