Saturday, 14 February 2015

Brent Council puts the clock back

The return of the refurbished Jubilee Clock to a new position in Harlesden High Street was celebrated today.

I couldn't resist a cry of 'Save Stonebridge Adventure Playground' during a lull in the public relations to cheers from some of the onlokkers and pursed lips and 'inappropriate' from some of the Labour councillors.

There was a good reception from local people to Brent Fightback leaflets advertising the 'Brent Fight Backs Against the Cuts' meeting that will take place at the Tavistock Hall, Tavistock Road, of the High Street on Tuesday evening. The cutting of school crossing patrols and the ending of funding to Stonebridge Adventure Playground  were particularly unpopular.

The Clock was decorated with a large bow tie:


  1. First depiction of Muhammed since Charlie Hebdo, Martin! Expect reprisals.
    (Bet that's not 'appropriate')

  2. Muhammed Butt has more faces than the Harlesden Clock

  3. Why was a cry of 'save stonebridge' considered inappropriate by Brent Labour Councillors? It was ideal as from the photo I see that aside from Dawn getting another photo-op disregarding Ed Milibands distain for photo-op politics, every other politician was there with the local community.

    If anything was inappropriate it was the Brent Labour Councillors having a jolly in front of a clock from 1888 which represents a time when the leaders of Brent were positively enlightened and opening Libraries etc as opposed to the destruction the current lot are undertaking.

    As an aside the roads make much more sense around there now which reduces congestion and thus air pollution. Unsure of the history of the previous town planning but it was a bit fudged.


    Scott Bartle

  4. Yes well done Martin. If Muhammed Butt insists on politicising these events by posing for pictures with Dawn Butler and Sadiq Khan then he should be reminded at them of the political choices he is making to make these cuts and close valued services.

    1. I think attention also needs to be paid to the fact that Brent Labour are using council resources for campaigning. Not allowed.

    2. Alison - do you hate the Tories or Labour more?

    3. Amen, Alison I've said that before. Last year's week of action was very much for election purposes, want to bet they'll be out there just before the general election. None of this was allowed when Gareth Daniel was in charge.... I guess that was 1 of the reasons he had to go go go because he said no no no...

  5. 09:27. Interesting question. I can't say I'd use the word hate. I loathe much of what they've both done and are still doing, but hate? That implies a feeling directed at an individual to me, rather than at a party. I actually like some of the Labour councillors - there's a few left who have principles. I don't like the fact they act like sheeple. As to the Tories, the only one I know is Reg and we've been cordial enough.

    11:43 . Gareth Daniel is a decent man. He has or had Labour sympathies, but also had the public service ethos os being scrupulously fair and unbiased.

    I've admired national level politicians on all side, and cordially disliked others. ;)

  6. Alison - you were a Labour candidate once weren't you? Lost the election then joined the lib dems