Thursday 12 February 2015

Ark Schools, Tory donors, tax evasion and HSBC Scandal

Guest blog by Nondom
Lord Fink
Wembley parents will have noticed that two of the most important men in the Ark organisation which runs two of their local schools, Ark Academy and Ark Elvin, have been named in the HSBC bank/Tory party donors ‘tax evasion’ scandal.

Arpad Busson, past contributor to Tory party funds, is a Founding Chairman of Ark Schools.

Stanley (Lord) Fink is a member of Ark’s ‘Global Board of Trustees’ (and recently the Tory party Treasurer). Lord Fink is the billionaire hedge-fund manager who claimed he was referred to (with Cameron) as ‘dodgy’ in Parliament on Wednesday. He is Chair of Governors of Ark Burlington Danes Academy.
·       Wembley Ark school’s website claims: ‘You will see our motto ‘Civitas’ everywhere around the school. We are first and foremost citizens and this is what binds us together’.  

·       £70 billion is lost to the UK each year in the sort of tax evasion revealed in the HSBC scandal. If collected this would cut the annual deficit by half and make frontline cuts to schools, hospitals and local services unnecessary 

·       Brent’s Budget Report states that, as a result of cuts in government funding, ‘Savings of at least £53.9m will need to be agreed, most of which will fall due in 2015/16.’
When contacted, HSBC was unable to provide any advice on cuts evasion


Anonymous said...

Any self indulgence and personal profiteering at the expense of others is shameful and not citizenship-like

Anonymous said...

Ark Elvin: 'our values are Integrity, Mastery, Courage, and Community'.

Anonymous said...

Audit the Ark Academy

Anonymous said...

Ark Elvin's motto is apparently 'MAGNA AUDE' (dare to achieve).
Rumour is that this will now be transitioned(!) to 'MAGNA FRAUDE' (if you're going to cheat, CHEAT BIG!)

Anonymous said...

News here of another local hero, Paul 'Boom-boom' Bloomfield of Wembley stadium development fame. He submitted no returns and paid no tax for 24 years:
He's also on the HSBC list with Fink.

Maybe it was his idea to call Copland 'Ark Elvin', after Harold Elvin, the man who built up the original stadium and later went on to have Philly Soul hits in the 70s with his band the Blue Notes He probably gave (sold?) Fink the idea when they were standing in the Secret Swiss Bank Account queue in the Geneva HSBC one morning.


Anonymous said...

I post this extract from the Online Urban Dictionary without comment (except to say that the final 4 words convinced me that there may well be a pattern to this life after all)
'FINK: A rat, a snitch, an informer, a stoolie. The very lowest form of human scum, except a tax collector.'

I found this