Friday 13 February 2015

Audley Harrison condemns Brent Council's decision to stop funding Stonebridge Adventure Playground

Boxer Audley Harrrison has just left this message on Instagram about the decision to cease finding Stonebridge Adventure Playground:

My comments on Stonebridge Adventure Playground. Worth a read 🔥 The people in power fail to understand that people in the rougher, tougher neighborhoods in England, lose their way as it's difficult to stay motivated when surrounded by crime, unemployment, & lack of opportunities to better oneself. 

Without hope, without options, many choose the easy Road & start following the crowd and start the bad boy business. A shining light In my community for over thirty years, Stonebridge Adventure Playground (SAP) lost its funding today.

 I'm scratching my head as this senseless decision, when SAP was the one place in the community that was a safe haven for the troubled youths. Makes no sense... Seriously, this will affect the community in such a negative way, these elected official don't even know. #FBF me as a youngster in SAP ... Wishing for brighter days in #NW10 🇬🇧😩👊

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous13 February 2015 at 08:57 on the 'Stonebridge Adventure Playground remains defiant' post:
'I don't tend to hang around playgrounds talking to kids, Martin'.

Time for this brave chap to repeat his jibe to Audley, perhaps?